If you are trying to move abroad, you probably do not want to leave the country without having sold your home. Otherwise, your funds will be tied into the property until your agent finds the appropriate buyer, and without you physically in the country, your agent will probably be wary of selling. Using an agent at all can seriously protract your schedule, as even the best agents can take months before receiving a single viable offer on your property. For those looking to sell property fast and move abroad, working with an agent just isn’t a viable option.


Instead, you can get a real, cash offer through SOS Life Property’ services. Instead of waiting six months to sell your property, you can have it sold in less than a month—even if you’ve already moved abroad. We have lots of options, from leases to purchases, which allow you to be free of that property’s obligations and move abroad, worry free!


For more information about how we can ease your moving process and help you sell your home or other property quickly, contact us today!