What was once your biggest asset is now your biggest liability. If you do not sell your property quickly, neither of you can truly move on.

During this difficult period, there are many issues to deal with. On the one hand, you may have to make arrangements for the children, divide up your properties, find accommodation, meet with your solicitor while on the other hand, adjust your life and cope with your emotions. Having to find a buyer for your property is just stress you can do without!

If you put the property on the market through an agent, it could be many months before it is sold. Until then, both of you are still responsible for the mortgage payments as well as the expenses for your new accommodations. The property is now a liability to you both as it is draining your cash flow. You cannot move on with your life financially and emotionally.

A much better way is to sell your property for cash. At Quick Home Completion, we have cash buyers who can give you a written offer within 48 hours just after one viewing. You can receive the cash within 28 days on completion and be free to move on and rebuild your lives separately. Since you are dealing with a buyer directly, you save on the estate agency fees too.